Last Minute Hotel Deals


If you don’t have a lot of time to plan your trip and want to save money, last minute hotel deals are the way to go. These deals are offered by many websites and let you book a hotel at the very last minute without knowing which one until after you have booked it. The hotels are listed as “mystery hotels” but there are many strategies that can help you determine what you’re getting for the low price. More info

When you’re looking for a hotel in Lower Manhattan, look no further than Hotwire’s impressive selection of last-minute travel deals. Whether you’re in town for business or just a spontaneous adventurer, you can score a 4-star hotel at 2-star prices.

Why don’t hotels offer super cheap last-minute rooms?

Unlike airlines, which can change their prices at the drop of a dime, hotels are stuck with their previously negotiated rates. That means they have to keep their rates consistent or risk losing customers to other booking sites that offer more reasonable prices.

Some last-minute hotel deals are offered by sites like Priceline, Hotwire, and Snaptravel, which give you the option to book a mystery hotel for a fraction of the normal price. These sites can offer these bargains because they partner with hotels and only show the name of the hotel after you’ve made your reservation. This makes some travelers nervous, but there are tricks you can use to find out what hotel you’re staying in before it’s too late.

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