What to Expect From a Franchise Consultant

As more and more people get fed up with their corporate jobs, franchise consultants are becoming more popular. These folks are trained to help prospective franchise owners find the best business model and franchise brand to match their skills, interests, and financial capabilities. They are essentially like real estate agents for the franchising industry, and they are compensated through commissions from franchisors.

A good franchise consultant will spend hours with you, asking questions and listening to your goals before ever mentioning any franchise companies that may work for you. Look for one who has full-time professional focus, and a solid reputation in the industry.

Franchise Success Starts Here: How Franchise Consultants Can Propel Your Business

A reputable consultant will have a variety of carefully pre-screened franchise brands to present you with. They should have a mix of industries, investment levels, and business models so that they can adapt to your specific needs.

During your interview, you will be asked what your strengths are in business, which will determine what type of franchises the consultant might suggest for you. It’s a question that is always included on the questionnaire, so you should prepare your answer before meeting with a consultant.

Franchise consultants are instructed to memorize the details of 20 different franchise opportunities, so they can offer them up as “attractive” possibilities to you. Usually, they will suggest several of these franchises to you, hoping that you will agree to be contacted by representatives of the companies so they can earn their commissions.

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