Who Are We?

We Are Others is a group of three entrepreneurs and former business owners – Edmund Rowan, Benjamin Jarrett & Merle Logan.

We have all created companies, raised funds, recruited employees, sold some of our businesses and sometimes liquidated others… Our approach is extremely pragmatic because it is essentially based on field experience. Indeed, whatever the maturity of the company we work with, we systematically place the customer or end-user at the center of the process.

At We Are Others, we have decided to pool our network, our skills and our time to serve our clients. The support is entirely personalized, so much so that the company managers consider us as their own partners.

Our enlarged team includes a dozen specialists, in order to cover all the needs of the companies. Both operationally (prospecting, websites, graphic design, etc.) and strategically (business plan, fundraising, marketing, etc.). We are all passionate about our work and we are entirely focused on results.

In this global slump, we come to the rescue of some men and women who take their courage in both hands to change the world around them. All our entrepreneurs are, at their level, actors of a revolution. They bring solutions, meet needs, reconnect with their values, take risks, seek adventure…