Vape Sensors for Schools

For schools, scuba oxygen analyzers where reducing student vaping is a priority, environmental sensors are a valuable tool. With these smart devices, administrators can monitor air quality and detect odors that are often associated with vaping. These detectors can also alert team members of potential incidents in real-time and help with compliance efforts. Whether monitoring an entire building or individual spaces, these systems can ensure that anti-vaping policies are being followed and deter anti-social behaviors like bullying.

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Many schools are now implementing vape sensors to prevent and monitor the use of nicotine, THC, and other illicit substances. These devices are small and easy to conceal, with some looking very much like pens. As such, traditional smoke detection is not effective in detecting them. Vape sensors use a combination of machine learning, exposure to common vaping brands, and other factors to determine the presence of certain chemicals/particulate matter in the air and send email/text alerts if a threshold is reached. These systems can be integrated with existing security cameras to trigger recording of a specific location when an event is detected, with the video automatically preserving two minutes before and five minutes after the sensor is triggered.

Purchasing these systems can be costly, so school districts need to carefully consider what they are purchasing. Buying a sensor that is solely focused on air quality will likely be too limited and may not give school leaders the granulated data they need to talk to students about vaping. Instead, a multi-purpose health, safety and vape sensor, such as the HALO Smart Sensor 2C, will be more reliable.

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