YouTube Ranking and Performance Tracker

YouTube Ranking and Performance Tracker is a free YouTube rank checker that can monitor up to 200 keywords. It is a part of the Semrush suite of SEO tools and can be used by both professionals and DIY users alike.

How do you check the rank of a YouTube video?

It can compare your videos with competitors’ video rankings to see where you stand in the search results. This information can help you make changes to your video optimization strategy.

YouTube videos can be optimized for search engine visibility in the same way that websites are, by using keywords in the video title, description and metadata. The video title is a crucial element to optimize, as it is the first thing that the viewer will see. You can also choose whether or not to display the video thumbnail in the search results with this feature.

Moreover, the watch time of your videos is a key ranking factor in YouTube’s algorithm. Videos with higher watch time are seen as more engaging and therefore elevated in search results and recommendations. It is important to track this metric and look for patterns in when your viewers are most active on YouTube, so you can tailor your content strategy accordingly.

Use the Rank Tracker to keep tabs on your video’s current rankings, and its ranking history over a defined period of time. The tool will record your YouTube video’s SERP position each time you run a rankings checkup. You can then get a comprehensive YouTube video rankings report that will be easy to digest and share with your team or clients.

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