Feminized Auto Seeds

feminized auto seeds are a great choice for growers looking for fast results and high yields from an autoflower plant. These strains have been bred to be hermaphrodite free and produce only female plants. This eliminates the need for a grower to create a clone from a desired mother plant that could turn hermaphroditic again and ruin the crop of feminized seeds that they are trying to cultivate.

Femilized seeds can be used in both photoperiod and autoflower strains. Most feminized auto seeds will have been crossed with a ruderalis strain to create an autoflowering variety that can flower on its own at certain times of the year depending on the light schedule. These types of plants tend to be easier for beginner growers to work with as they do not require perfect lighting conditions to begin the flowering process.

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Some feminized autos will also have a short flowering period that can make them good candidates for indoor growing. In fact some of the fastest feminized autos like Northern Light Auto can achieve impressive outdoor yields of up to 200g per plant and indoor yields of up to 550g/m2. This is very impressive for an autoflower. In recent years the breeding of feminized autoflowers has improved greatly and this is evident in the latest strains competing in cannabis competitions such as the Autoflower Cup. New varieties of this breed are now able to produce excellent taste, flavors and potency in addition to exceptional yields.

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