Are Solar Panels Worth It?

are solar panels worth it

The are solar panels worth it has been coming down steadily over the years, but there are still a variety of factors that impact whether a home’s energy costs and value will be improved by converting to solar. Homeowners should understand these pros and cons before making a decision to switch to solar.

The main factor is electricity rates and usage; the more expensive a house’s power bills are, the more a home will save with solar. The cost of solar can also be impacted by the number of sunny days; homes in states with more sunshine are better suited for solar systems than those in states with less sunlight.

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Other considerations include the installation process and property taxes. Adding solar to a home increases its appraised value, and homeowners pay property tax based on this assessment. Some states allow homeowners to sell excess energy back to their utility companies, which can further reduce utility costs.

Finally, the type of system a homeowner chooses can affect how long it takes to break even on the initial investment. For example, installing a battery to store energy and enable use at night can substantially increase the upfront costs.

It’s also important for a homeowner to find a reputable company to do their solar installation; they should be able to explain state and federal incentives, provide a detailed estimate of the system and answer any questions a homeowner may have. If they can’t do this, it’s best to look elsewhere.

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