What Does a Wedding DJ Do?

Your wedding DJ is a big wedding reception dj of your day! They provide the audio equipment (turntables, speakers, and microphones) to make sure everyone can hear your first introduction as a married couple, the lyrics to your first dance song, the best man’s toast, and the announcement that dinner is being served or that it’s time for the bouquet toss. They can also help you with MC duties by running your intro list before and after your entrance, keeping the crowd engaged between musical sets, and making sure the songs you choose for your special dances fit the mood.

A good DJ will listen to you, understand what your wedding vision is, and then help you make it a reality. If they don’t understand you, or they don’t have the right songs in their library for your songs or special dances, they should be willing to ask questions until they do. They’ll take the time to get it right, as they know how important it is to you!

Dance to Forever: Setting the Beat for Unforgettable Wedding Reception Moments

A professional wedding DJ will be able to line up the tempos of different songs so they transition seamlessly. They’ll also be able to recognize when a song isn’t working for them, and they’ll have another one in the wings that works better. They’ll also know which songs to play for the bridal party & parent introductions, and they’ll keep the music at a lower volume during those times. This helps guests focus on the bride & groom, and makes it easier for them to have conversations with each other.

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