How to Become a Computer Technician

Computer Technicians diagnose and repair a wide range of hardware, software and network issues. They also perform upgrades and installations to ensure that computers are operating at peak efficiency.

What qualities are important in a computer technician?

Job duties vary, but typical responsibilities include installing and configuring servers, personal workstations and network components. You may also have to help customers and their employees resolve simple and complex problems.

Employers hire technicians with a variety of technical skills, including expertise in specific software and hardware. But they also look for candidates who have a diverse set of hard and soft skills that can be transferrable to any industry or job. URL :

Key skill: Problem-solving

Computer technicians must be able to identify, analyze and solve computer problems for both their customers and other tech support staff. This requires solid communication and critical thinking.

Educational Requirements

Earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology is a common entry point for computer technicians, and many colleges offer specialized training to prepare students for this career. Some degree programs even place students in internships to gain real-world experience.

Additional education and certifications can also boost your job prospects. Some employers offer financial assistance to pay for certifications and training.

Work Environment:

Computer technicians typically work in offices that sell computer equipment and software. They may also provide onsite computer repair services in industrial settings, commercial buildings and homes. Some operate from their home office, providing phone and chat support to clients, and others commute to client sites for in-person work.

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