What to Look For in a Basket Purse

Whether you are heading to the market, running errands, or needing a place to store your essentials, a basket purse is a great accessory for your everyday life. These handwoven bags are available in a variety of styles and are a durable option.

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Basket purses made from rattan, cane, and bamboo are popular in the fashion world as well as on the beach. They are a bohemian style of bag that can be carried by women or men and are available in a variety of colors.

The top of the basket purse, the lid, should be the same size and shape as the body of the basket. Some imitation and reproduction purse baskets have lids that are too small, too large or are not of the same shape as the body of the basket.

Check for a clean, smooth and tight woven cane base. The cane should not be split, broken or have mold or black spots. The cane should be a similar color to the wicker.

Also, the wicker should be tightly woven with no gaps or spaces. Often, weavers will use cane that has been colored in a variety of shades. This is not a sign of inferior quality, as all cane will darken over time and become the same shade.

The hinges and closure loops should be strong and sturdy and should be cane wrapped leather to protect them from abrasion. These areas receive a lot of stress and should be handled carefully.

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